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Full day exploring the non- touristy part of Mekong Delta and meeting farmers - 1 Day

Full day exploring the non- touristy part of Mekong Delta and meeting farmers
1 person: 236 $
2 person: 270 $
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With statistics like the world’s 12th longest river, and the 7th longest in Asia, it won’t be hard for anyone to imagine the grandeur of the Mekong.

Better known among the locals by the name “the Nine Dragons River”, these nine dragons have helped feed some twenty millions people and shaped a whole cultivation we are proud to call The Water Rice Civilization. For thousands of years, the silt of the Mekong created a rich, fertile soil that sustain the lives of millions people who depends on it to survive. But, of course, like any monocrop agriculture, the prosperity of the river alone doesn’t make many millionaires. This area of the country is constantly strives with poverty, though the poverty had never broken the spirit and the good nature of its inhabitant.

The people of Mekong Delta, though lacks in gold, is extremely hospitable, generous and friendly. The sight of an old man tried to share his experience with a tourist with his broken English has always lingers in my mind. The government is trying their best to industrialize the land, so maybe the picture of great green paddy fields may not be present for very long, and every chance could be the last to see such peaceful vision.

For that very reason, come join us for a voyage along the stream of the Mekong on a Mekong Delta Tour, let’s explore the hospitality that the locals offer, the unique life that blossoms in between the waves and the exotic culture like you have never experienced before.

The departure time is up to you but we highly recommend this tour start at 8 a.m.

Upon the arrival at Ham Luong river after 2-hour drive from the city center, you will get on a boat and reach a small island. Then you will have a chance to experience the local life, visiting some coconut processing workshop such as removing brown skin of coconuts, producing activated carbon from coconuts, and so on.

Ater that, you can immerse yourself into the natural beauty, the peaceful atmosphere of this place, taking into fresh air by riding a bicycle or walking to reach our next destination, a local house, where you are going to have a delicious authentic Vietnamese home-meal.  You yourselves can also  try to do some typical dishes like banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), or rau muong xao (stir- fried morning glory).

After a lunch break, you will take participation in riding on a sampan along the canal.

Our next stop will be an another local house where you can have some tropical fruit tasting.

Considering you still have time, you will get on a tuk tuk to a broom workshop to witness locals making brooms by hand from available natural sources.

Finally, you will return to the river and be transfered back to the city.


Price includes:

  • An English-speaking guide
  • Private transportation
  • Private boat
  • Lunch
  • All the entrance fees
    Price From USD$85/person
    Total $ 236 USD
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