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Getting around chaotic but amazing Ho Chi Minh City - 1 Day

Getting around chaotic but amazing Ho Chi Minh City
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Saigon has always been a very crowded and vibrant city ever since the day it was established. It has nowadays called the melting pot, for the presence of people from every corner of the country, in all shapes and sizes, come here in hope for a better life.

Come join us for a city tour to get to know why this bustle –and in certain places, messy - town, became the star to wish upon for many Vietnamese. Surf through the wave of people to visit famous sites and buildings, the infamous practice of street vending, the notorious bad traffic and millions of motorbike moving next to you.

See and feel the hospitality and friendliness of the locals you may stumble upon the way, and figure out yourself why we are the second happiest country in the world though our income is not exactly what you perceived as “happiness”. At noon, let’s take a walk or catch a cyclo to pierce through the hidden gem that we’d like to call Chinatown. This is literally the “messy” part in our title.

Though many travel agencies hesitate to bring their tourists here, we are proud to show you the chaos of our town through this city tour. The city tour ends in the afternoon with a trip to the famous War Remnants Museum to discover a dark chapter in the history of our country: the Vietnam War. Brace yourself to know some dreadful facts about the war and its impact on the innocents civilian, even after nearly 50 years has passed.

The city tour kicks off the tour in the morning (in the time of your liking) with the Reunification Palace, which is basically the former White House, where the President of the Republic of Vietnam used to reside in, but nowadays it has become a museum in its own right.

The neighboring Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office will be our next destinations. After we have done strolling through the streets and see the attractions, we can head to the famous Ben Thanh Market, where everything is for sale, and nothing is ever non-negotiable.

Lunch will be served with a menu full of Vietnamese food.

After lunch, we will visit Cholon, or Chinatown, to discover the Chinese influence within our culture and the traditions of our Chinese ethnic community. All the vivid colors and the origin story of this part of the town surely won’t let you down.

War Remnants Museum will be our last destination. Listen to the tragic but at the same time, heroic dark part of our history the way we perceived it. The city tour ends with us dropping you off at your hotel door or any place of your liking.

Price includes:

  • - Private car
  • - English-speaking guide
  • - Water
  • - Lunch
  • - All entrance fees
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