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Visiting the historic Cu Chi tunnel with a war expert ( Half day tour) - 0.5 Day

Visiting the historic Cu Chi tunnel with a war expert ( Half day tour)
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2 person: 153 $
3 person: 171 $
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6 person: 228 $
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Take a trip to the legendary tunnel built by the Vietcong during the war.

With 200 km in length, Cu Chi tunnel, “the underground fort”, is the place to be if you are a bit of a historian, and wish to know more about the war of Vietnam, where no one could ever guessed the victor. The whole structure is the hiding spot, as well as the place 200,000 people, at times, called home.

Build entirely with man power and the most primal of tools, it was just a miracle the civilians and soldiers at the time could create such intricate tunnel system, enclosed with almost everything: a tactic room, where the generals masterminded their strategy, a shooting range, where guerillas exercises their marksmanship, and kitchens, a whole lot of kitchens, to feed the whole population of the tunnel.

Spend the minimum of time to study the history to the max in our halfday Cu Chi Tunnel tour.

We will pick you up in the morning in your hotel or the place of your liking. The starting time of the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour is also entirely up to you.

Travel to Cu Chi by car, where you can explore the whole complex. The attractions include, but not limited to:

- The military workshop, where soldiers, and sometime civilians, create new weapons from the scraps that the Americans left behind, or even broken artillery; the secret kitchens, where the incredible women fed some 200,000 people at times, find out how they can make a fire inside the structure where oxygen is a luxury and how did they let out the smoke without compromising the location of the tunnel;

- The shooting range, where the Vietnamese soldiers trained their marksmanship. Various activities are offered in Cu Chi when you travel with us, which include: experience yourself the narrow tunnelway, marvel at the hardship the Vietnamese have to go through at the time of the war, and maybe try out your shooting ability at the range!

Spend half a day on Cu Chi Tour, and then we will take you back to your hotel after you have done discovering.

Price includes:

  • An English-speaking guide
  • Private transportation
  • Lunch
  • All entrance fees

Tour excludes:

  • Shooting fees
Price From USD$48/person
Total $ 134 USD
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